Beard Styles That Never Caught On – Thank Goodness

Having a beard has made me even more interested in past and present beard styles.  Truthfully I would have never really thought about it if I didn’t have a beard myself.  Even though I am interested in the different styles, I can say confidently I am pretty comfortable with my basic Chuck Norris beard.  I […]

Bowl O’Beard Ramen – Is This Good for Beards?

I don’t know if eating Ramen from your beard is good or not.  I can only imagine what went in to making a beard bowl.  I love growing a beard but it is safe to say I will not be making a bowl out of my beard anytime soon.  I am happy being married and […]

Milkshake Beard

I love sharing funny videos and pictures relating to beards. This video is about to go viral because it is so darn funny. Enjoy it and share it.  It’s the milkshake beard.

Many Beard Styles at the Just For Men National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013

Any time I think of a competition I think of the song “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito that plays in the Karate Kid movies during the karate tournament. Though I think growing a beard in a manner that you can be competitive in a formal competition requires that you can deal with the up […]

9 Fun Beard Styles and Names I Give Them

9 Fun Beard Styles Beard have been around for a long time resulting in many beard styles and names for those styles.  When I see a beard I immediately think of a specific name or a person (at least in most cases).  I want to share a few fun names for beard styles.  I admire […]

Why do Women Grow Beards? 5 Reasons I Believe Women Grow Beards

Why do Women Grow Beards? Why do women grow beards? I believe there are many reasons why women grow a beard or facial hair.  I don’t know all the reasons but the 6 reasons I discuss are some of the more common reasons women do it or have done it in the past. Growing Beards […]

9 Reasons to Grow a Beard

Are you on the fence about growing a beard?  Do you need a reason to grow a beard?  If you do you will have to read the 9 reasons to grow a beard below.   Experts from around the world have contributed to all the possible reasons you may need to hear before growing a […]