9 Fun Beard Styles and Names I Give Them

9 Fun Beard Styles

Beard have been around for a long time resulting in many beard styles and names for those styles.  When I see a beard I immediately think of a specific name or a person (at least in most cases).  I want to share a few fun names for beard styles.  I admire the shapes and styles the beards described below.

The Spaniard Beard StyleJohn Axford Milwaukee Brewers

The Rollie Fingers mustache with a pointy goatee.  That is the Spanish beard.  This beard is eccentric, fancy and is well thought out.  It’s rare to see this beard style but when you do it is photo worthy.  The individual that I thought most looked to have the Spaniard Beard was John Axford.  Why do baseball players like the fancy mustaches?

Abraham LincolnThe Abe beard style

The Abe beard style made famous by Abraham Lincoln himself is a style that  continues today in one form or another.  The beard shapes along the jaw line and does not have much width.  It is grown at various lengths which makes each version of the beard appear original.  Thank you Mr. President for making this style so famous.

The Mazebeard designs pic

This maze is a very short beard made into a picture or some sort of design.  From a distance one might want to take a pencil and draw a line in between the design from beginning to end.  I am not one that could pull off this beard style but many can and I applaud you.  I am going to keep an eye out for a crossword beard.  That would be awesome!

Wolfman JackBeard pictureThe Wolfman Jack Beard Style

The Wolfman Jack beard style is a beard that sports both a dark color and a gray or white color in the beard.  The white or gray must be more specifically in the chin area while other parts of the beard are dark.

Wolfman Jack made this style popular.  When looking at my own beard I thought of many different names but I thought this name most closely fit my own beard.

Wolfman Jack was a popular DJ in the 60’s and his popularity carried through to the 90’s.  He had an unmistakable voice, look and howl.  For more on his history click here.

The Chuck Norris Beard StyleThe Chuck Norris Beard

Sorry folks.  Many may try to impersonate this beard but none will truly replicate the awesome power of the Chuck Norris Beard.  Never was there more of a manly, more feared beard on this planet.  I don’t blame you if you try impersonating this beard style.  I think everyone has tried at one point or another.  It’s simple, clean and makes a man look manly.

Brett Keisel Santa BeardThe Santa Claus

There are many versions of the Santa Claus beard style.  One  beard that reminded me of Santa’s beard was Brett Kiesel  who is a football player.  No his beard isn’t white but if I was ever to imagine what Santa’s beard actually looked like it would look like this one.  The thickness and shape of this beard is very much how I would imagine Santa’s beard.

The Wolverine Beard Style

I think the common term is “mutton chops”.  Large sideburns come down from the top of your ears to the chin area and stop around edge of your mouth.  I believe that the X-Men and Wolverine brought back the popularity of this style of beard.  I think it takes a special guy to pull off the wolverine beard style.  Be sure to send us your best wolverine beard picture if you are currently rocking this style.

ZZ Top Beard Style

Just short of singing, “She’s got Legs”, you know if you were inspired by ZZ Top or not.  The unmistakable beards by the two front mean of ZZ top are what aspiring long beard growers aim for.  Looking to get noticed everywhere you go?  I would suggest growing one of these bad boys.  I would start now because it’s going to take a little while to get there.

The Beard Whisper

The Beard Whisper Style can take on many shapes, lengths, colors.  There is no specific style that a beard whisper has but you will know one when you see one.  The beard is styled as if the beard spirits touched the beard and shaped it in the man’s sleep.  These beards are worthy of awards and accolades. Kneel down to the beard whisper and ask for beard guidance.

Thanks for taking the time to read about beard styles.  If you have a beard style and name for it be sure to comment below.  I would love to share your thoughts on beard names.


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