9 Reasons to Grow a Beard

Are you on the fence about growing a beard?  Do you need a reason to grow a beard?  If you do you will have to read the 9 reasons to grow a beard below.   Experts from around the world have contributed to all the possible reasons you may need to hear before growing a beard.  It’s easy to do but is not for the faint of heart.  And if you decide to do it you might just like all the good fortune that will happen as a result. So man up and read on.  You will be growing a beard in no time.

Here are the Reasons to Grow a Beard

1.  Keeps Your Face Warm

It doesn’t keep your face warm by much but it does a little bit depending on the length of your beard.  It’s like having a head of hair on your face so to answer your question, no it doesn’t get too hot.

2.  It  Actually Acts Like a Pillow

The longer your beard gets the more it becomes more of a cushion for your face if you decide to sleep on your stomach.  It would explain while many mountain men decide on the bearded look.

Beard picture3.  It Makes you Look Tough

Not everyone looks tough with a beard but 82% of men that sport a beard look tougher.  The longer the beard the tougher the look you will have.  This would explain why many bikers are very intimidating.  It would not explain why Santa does not look tough.  Maybe it’s the red suit.  It’s easier to maintain Maintaining a beard is much less work then shaving your face every day or every few days.  Just keep it clean around the edges of your beard and you are pretty much ready to face the world.

4.  It Adds Personality

Having problems looking like a biker?  Just grow a beard and fit in with the rest of the crowd.   Seriously, it works. Keep them guessing as to what kind of guy you really are.

beard designs pic5.  You Can Make Different Designs

There are endless possibilities with facial hair and beards when it comes to designs.  I have a traditional full beard because I am a bit old fashion and I couldn’t wrap my head around the amount of maintenance required for those really thin beards.

6.  You Join the Beard Club

The beard club isn’t some version of the hair club for men.  It’s an unspoken acknowledgement and recognition of the decision to grow a beard.  It’s not about the individual that is just too lazy to shave or groom themselves.  It’s the deliberate  choice to grow a beard.  Beard growers know if someone is growing a beard on purpose.  So if you are growing a beard, welcome to the club for as long sport a beard.

7.  Compete in Beard Competitions

I couldn’t believe it myself but there are actual competitions beard growers can participate in.  I have seen amazing pictures of beards in these competitions.  Some beards are amazingly long and others are designed and shaped with incredible care.  The World Beard and Moustache Championships is the main event  when it comes to competitions.

8.  Women Touch it

Get your mind out of the gutter. Women touch your beard because they are curious as to what it feels like.  If you are single, it might make for a good conversation starter.  If you are married show them your ring.  The beard has power so use it for good, not evil.

9.  You Become Smarter

You will find yourself stroking your beard when contemplating the meaning of live.  Everyone with a beard instantly becomes smarter.  Growing a beard allows you to have as much knowledge as a college graduate.  Save yourself the 4 years of college  and all the money involved by simply growing a beard.

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